System features

ARROW RESEARCH CORPORATION, a wholly owned Australian company, was established to develop and promote professional, quality accounting software. The companies mission is to become a leading global information provider through the distribution of premium scalable integrated business solutions. The company currently has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra with distributors in Adelaide, Perth and Malaysia. Visual Arrow is Currently available.

The software package consists of the following modules, Cashbook, Debtors, Creditors, Stock, General Ledger, Payroll, Job Costing, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Fixed Assets and Foreign Currency. Options available include Multi Stock Location, Serial Batch Tracking, Security System, Advanced Forms Printing, Multi-company, Data Transfer and Advanced Sales Analysis. Arrow for Windows is available in all 12 modules. The modules can be integrated or stand alone, single or Multi user. Arrow for Windows is compatible with all flavors of Microsoft Windows the 16 Bit Windows 3.x platforms and the 32-Bit Windows 95 and Windows NT operating environment. Both products are fully Year 2000 compliant.

Arrow can be successfully implemented across a range of Business sizes, via the parameter driven functionality it offers.

Arrow is extremely portable across operating systems and has powerful report writing facilities, dynamic open database connectivity (ODBC) capabilities allowing online integration to Microsoft products. To keep the product up to date and to ensure a future growth path, Arrow is continually enhanced from feedback received through its accredited dealer network and end user base.

Arrow is sold through an Australian wide dealer network of accredited consultants to ensure that you receive the service and support required.

The following features are consistent throughout the software:-
  • Message handling on masterfile records, such as Debtors, Creditors and Employees.
  • Fast tracking to menu options.
  • All module inquiry screens have the ability to drilldown and show transaction details, e.g. when doing a debtors inquiry on an invoice, the line details of that invoice can optionally be displayed.
  • System Auditor - The System Auditor has been designed to detect integrity of the data, and attempt to correct any inconsistencies.
  • Consistency in menu layout between modules, Incorporating “drop down boxes” and three dimensional field appearance.
  • Ability to search by a combination of characters, e.g. all stock items with “wide” in their stock description.
  • Screen defaults can be entered for all data entry screens including report sorting criteria’s by establishing screen defaults, fields not used can be bypassed or a default value can be entered, thereby greatly decreasing time taken when entering records into Arrow.
  • Macro processing gives you the ability to set up a job stream.
  • Text retrieval provides the facility to search/find a specific piece of text.
  • Printer redirection is the ability to set up different output devices for each form print and an output device for the printing of standard reports.
  • Choice of databases drivers including, IBM DB2, Pervasive SQL, Microsoft SQL.
  • Extensive Windows help system.
  • Cut and paste text edit facilities.
  • Printer selection via Windows Printer dialogue.
  • Multiple views/screens may be open concurrently.
  • All views can be, cascaded, tiled, minimised and maximise from drop down menu.
  • Executive summary report. This report provides management statistics on the overall status of a particular module. Reporting on the total balance, movement since last time the report was run. The period to date and year to date figures.
  • Purge master file records, provides the ability to purge mastertields and transaction files with no transaction, no balance or no movement since a specified date. Ability to print transaction list reports for past periods by date range.
  • Ability to process “future” dated transactions.
  • Print preview facility available to screen.