Enhancement registration

With the fast moving world of computer technology it is very easy for your system to become outdated. You do not want to have to purchase a new accounting system every 5 to 6 years.

To protect your investment, it is important when purchasing a computer system, that it has an enhancement policy which will allow you to maintain the investment in your Arrow system.

Some of the reasons which will reciuire a change of accounting systems are:-
  • Changes to legislation.
  • Unable to run on latest computers.
  • Not compatible with latest Operating System.
  • Cannot take advantage of new technology.
  • If a new system is bought, the expense of retraining staff is another consideration.
  • In addition, it is a lot cheaper to register for the upgrade than to purchase the new versions. As it is not possible to skip a version of ARROW as your data has to be converted each time to run on the later version.
  • Another advantage is that new modules will only operate with the latest version, therefore if you are not registered or are not on the latest version, you cannot take advantage of any new modules that are added to the ARROW range.
  • Registration will require an investment of $360 per annum (2 user) and $500 per annum (4 user). Whereas purchasing the enhancement after the initial purchase would require an investment of $1,000 (2 user) or $1,500 (4 user) per version.
  • An example of the cost saving is shown below. Three years registration costs $360 x 3 - $1,080 Purchase of 3 versions of ARROW $1,000 x 3 = $3,000
  • Also, upgrading annually will require minimal dealer time, whereas doing three upgrades plus all the data conversion required could take a long time and be an expensive exercise.
  • We have deliberately kept the upgrade investment affordable, to encourage all ARROW users to register, thereby maintaining value in their investment.
  • We hope you take advantage of this upgrade policy and of course being registered allows you to write directly to us with recommendations on how to improve the system.
  • Your accredited Arrow dealer would perform the upgrade based on a time and materials investment or any other agreed business arrangement you have.