The Stock Module provides accurate stock control for the organisation. The module can be run stand alone or integrated to the other modules in the system. Due to the integration of the modules, the full cycle of stock movement can be monitored. From the initial purchase of the goods to the eventual sale.

Stock Module Features Include:-
  • Calculation of stock reordering. Can take into consideration seasonality, lead time, economic order quantity, minimum stock level and selling/purchase cycle to cover.
  • Ability to copy existing stock item.
  • Ability to handle multiple stock locations, with different costs and selling prices at each location if required.
  • System allows for range of decimal places to be used. You can choose 0/2/4 decimal places for quantity and 2/4 decimal places for price.
  • Sales tax can be calculated for wholesale or retail purposes.v
  • System allows for three costs to be used: latest, average and standard.
  • Prices updated using the bulk price update facility or you can individually update prices.
  • System allows for three selling prices. But by using the Price Discount feature you can setup unlimited discounted prices and selling prices.
  • Ability to enter a new supplier at time of entering stock details.
  • Non diminishing stock lines can be setup.
  • System allows for negative stock balances.
  • Screen inquiry of stock accounts by transaction type.
  • Future period transactions may be posted.
  • Location and bin number available.
  • Issue stock to jobs for job costing.
  • System allows for physical stocktake counts.
  • Ability to search on stock description as well as on stock code.
  • System allows operator to view Current, Old, Future or All transactions.
  • Stock conversion provides the ability to purchase and sell in different units.
  • Mark up pricing, based on cost of purchase.
  • Option to show costs on stock inquiry.
  • Calculation of freight cost on debtors invoice based on weight of item.
Stock Reports Include:-
  • Stock Ledger report.
  • Stock valuation and movement reports.
  • Stock on order report.
  • Transaction listings.
  • Sales report x value and quantity.
  • Reorder report.
  • Stocktake report.
  • Stocktake sheets.
Stock Multi-Location (Optional Extra):-
  • Provides the ability to have multi stock locations.
  • Each location can maintain different costs, selling prices, bin location etc.
  • Only need to enter stock codes once, ability to maintain exceptions by location if required.
  • When entering purchase orders, sales orders, supplier invoices or customer invoices ability to enter multiple stock locations in the one transaction.
  • Stock inquiries can be selected by individual location in summary or detail.
  • Stock inquiry can be consolidated for all locations.
  • Stock reports can be selected by location.
How The Stock Module Helps:-
  • Monitors the stock value being held by the company by stock category.
  • Provides a stock reorder report to assist in inventory management.
  • Monitors stock movements to ensure that good stock control is maintained.
  • Prepares system for stocktake and generates stocktake reports.
  • To assist price increases and decreases the system allows for bulk price update.
  • Generates stock on order report, which provides you with the analysis of committed cash requirements for stock.