Special pricing

The Special Pricing Option provides the ability to set up and maintain special prices for stock and customer.

These special prices can be in the form of a special price, discount percentage, discount value, markup percentage or price reduction. These special prices can be set optionally including quantity breaks and date ranges.

Special Pricing Features Include:-
  • Any of the above special prices can be based on selling price 1, 2, or 3, or on the average, standard or last cost or a nominated value.
  • Special prices can be entered for Quantity Breaks. Up to 10 quantity breaks can be set for each special price.
  • A Date Range can also be entered for each special price, and these can optionally be purged/deleted globally when required.
  • When printing the stock price list, Special Prices can optionally be included in this report.
  • To maintain special prices once entered it is possible to bulk price update these, either increase or decrease by percentage or dollar amount.