Security menu

The Security Option has been designed to restrict and control access to menu options, relating to an individual user and their security level. When a user logs into Arrow, the menu displayed is customised according to each individual.

Security Menu Features Include:-
  • The Security Option provides the mechanism to restrict and control access to users when logging into Arrow.
  • The design is such that security levels from 0 - 9, zero being the lowest, 9 the highest, are allocated to selected modules and menu options or all modules and menu options depending on the requirements of each individual company.
  • A user name is then created for each person requiring access into Arrow, this user name can optionally have a password. This user is then allocated the relevant security level of 0 - 9.
  • When the user has logged into Arrow they will only see on their menu those options or modules that have a security level equal to or less than their user name security level.
  • Hence, the menu is customised based on the user's security level.