Job costing

The Job/Time cost module is integrated to the other Arrow Accounting modules. It has the flexibility of allowing you to use the module for job costing, time costing, or both.

Job/Time Costing Module Features Include:-
  • The system provides for parent job, sub job, cost centre, activities. This format allows for total job and time cost analysis.
  • Allows you to consolidate sub jobs into parent jobs. There is no limit on the number of tiers to which you may wish to consolidate up to.
  • Report writer allows you to select job data in different sequences and report on them.
  • Allows you to create estimates, which can then be printed as quotations.
  • System allows you to recost you estimates by creditor, stock, activity or all.
  • Prescribed payments from sub contractors is handled by the system.
  • Prescribed payments reporting showing taxation deduction schedule.
  • Comparison reports between actual and estimated costs.
  • Allows you to set up a standard cost and chargeout rate for each employee, but allows you to set up additional cost and chargeout rates by activity by employee, if required.
  • Allows for default markup to be used or can enter individual markup.
  • Creditor invoices can be entered and will update the creditors module.
  • Job write ons and write offs are catered for.
  • Staff activity reports can be generated showing both non chargeable and chargeable time.
  • Allows for stock to be issued to jobs.
  • Provides calculation of job work in progress.
  • Timesheet entry allows line text and block text to be entered.
  • Creation of job invoices can be manually or automatically generated, from markup, cost or chargeout value.
  • Screen inquiry of jobs by transaction type, selecting to view Current, Old, Future or All transactions.
  • Inquiry facility includes uninvoiced cost value.
Job/Time Costing Reports Include:-
  • Job quotations and estimates.
  • Staff activity reports.
  • Job invoices.
  • Job status reports.
  • Job summary reports.
  • Exception reporting.
  • Ledger reports.
  • Report Writer.
  • Transaction/Tax listings.
  • Margin/Variance report.
  • Cost Centre listings.
  • Invoice Summary.
How The Job/Time Costing Module Helps:-
  • Monitors actual cost against estimated cost and calculates variance and percentage variances.
  • Extends staff timesheets and reports on staff efficiency.
  • Produces quotations for customers automatically from estimates.
  • Prescribed payments are automatically calculated based on overriding percentage or a certificated percentage provided by the taxation department.
  • Allows recosting of estimates by individual groupings, ie Creditors, Stock, Activities or for all estimated items.
  • Allows sub jobs to be consolidated into parent jobs, with no limit on the number of tiers.
  • Links activities to employees with varying chargeout rates based on the employee and each activity. Therefore different chargeout rates can be used for the same job depending upon which employee is involved.
  • User defined job reports can be produced using the Report Writer facility.
  • Creditor invoices can be entered and will automatically update the Creditors module.
  • When generating job invoices, debtors balances in the Debtors module is automatically updated.