The Arrow accounting system has been designed to ensure ease of use, together with powerful features and functionality. This is particularly true of the Payroll module.

The Payroll module allows the operator to set up an individual pay in any form required. This provides for enormous flexibility in the way the payroll is prepared.

It can run stand alone or integrated to the Cashbook, General Ledger and Job costing modules. This allows for powerful integration to the rest of the Arrow system.

Payroll Module Features Include:-
  • Automatic calculation for accrual of entitlements, ie. sick leave, annual leave, long service leave and rostered days off.
  • Calculation of employers occupational superannuation.
  • Ability to perform bulk pay updates.
  • Able to run stand alone or integrated to other modules.
  • Runs under both single and multi-user operating systems.
  • Able to process different combinations of payroll. eg. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly etc.
  • Ability to reverse all or part of a pay run after it has been processed.
  • Provision to include user defined details to be stored on each employee, eg. next of kin, medical details, etc.
  • Choice of payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer or combination of these.
  • Ability to maintain tax scales in line with taxation.
  • Provision to set up and maintain multiple leave entitlements in line with award regulations.
  • Automatic posting to Cashbook and Job costing, if integrated.
  • Choice of calculating leave accruals on a pro rata, fixed or annual basis.
  • Ability to automatically process employee pay, where no alterations to normal pay is required.
  • Automatic calculation of tax and leave accruals for each employee.
  • Update to selected General Ledger accounts, if integrated.
  • Ability to enter notes on employee details.
  • Ability to accumulate entitlements at different rates for one employee.
  • Group certificate generation on continuous forms or plain paper and disk.
Payroll Reports Include :-
  • Pay slips
  • Payroll summary.
  • Coinage analysis.
  • Employee list.
  • Bank transfer list.
  • Group certificates.
  • Payroll history.
  • Exception report.
  • Transaction list.
  • Sign off list.
  • Cost centre analysis.
How The Payroll Module Helps:-
  • Arrow allows you to create and maintain your pay items and leave entitlements in line with your award regulations.
  • You maintain the tax scales, so you can respond immediately to any tax changes.
  • Arrow reduces the time it takes to maintain your payroll by automating all of your normal time consuming and repetitive tasks. Standard pays that rarely change can be automatically produced with a few keystrokes.
  • Mistakes can easily be corrected, by reversing and re-running the required payroll.
  • Pay slips, cheques and coinage analysis reports can be produced easily.
  • Arrow will automatically accrue and update your employee's leave entitlements.
  • Arrow automatically calculates your gross, tax and net payroll values decreasing the risk of error.