General ledger

The General Ledger is an integral part of the system. But it can also run stand alone if required. The update to General Ledger although automated, the timing of the update is controlled by the operator. This provides complete control over the integrity of the data being updated. The General Ledger has been designed to include a Report Writer. This allows the operator enormous flexibility in the way results can be reported.

General Ledger Module Features Include:-
  • Allows for prior period posting to any period last year or this year.
  • Reprint reports for any period last year or this year.
  • System allows for Sub accounts.
  • Facility for up to 13 periods.
  • Ability to copy existing Chart of Accounts to different sub-accounts or cost centre, and ability to copy another company.
  • Journals can be posted to any period this year or last year.
  • Standing journals can be created for automatic processing.
  • Accruals can be automatically reversed after roll over into the next period.
  • Standard reports can be generated, or the Report Generator can be used to create special reports, including wild cards.
  • Fully integrated to other modules, or can run stand alone.
  • Account numbers and names can be printed on financial reports.
  • Screen inquiry of General Ledger accounts, by transaction type. System allows operator to view Old, Future or All transactions.
  • Actual, Budget and Last Year comparisons by period and year to date.
  • Ability to handle link accounts.
  • Trial Balance allows option to consolidate sub accounts.
  • Ability to search for General Ledger account by description.
  • Ability to enter budgets for this year, next year and last year allowing forecasting reporting in General Ledger report writer.
General Ledger Reports Include:-
  • Trial Balance listing.
  • General Ledger report.
  • Transaction listing.
  • Other Ledger Report.
  • Standard Profit and Loss Report.
  • Standard Balance Sheet report.
  • Report Writer.
  • Chart of Accounts listing.
  • Budget listing.
  • Funds statement.
  • Periodic Profit & Loss.
How The General Ledger Module Helps:-
  • The General Ledger is important is that it brings together all the subsidiary ledgers, and ensures that the system is in balance.
  • Provides the profit and loss statement of the company, together with an analysis of the company's assets and liabilities in the form of a balance sheet.
  • Provides comparison with the Budget figures.
  • Highlights differences to budget for revenue and expenditure accounts, so further analysis can be done.
  • Report Writer ensures flexible management reporting.