Fixed assets

The Fixed Assets module easily maintains accurate and timely balances on assets calculating both book and tax values. Providing complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, reevaluations, disposals and asset transfers.

The Fixed Assets module integrates to all of the following Arrow modules: Creditors, Job Costing, Purchase Orders and General Ledger.

Fixed assets features include:-
  • Both book and tax value for assets can optionally be maintained.
  • Assets can be categorized by asset type and location.
  • Ability to create new assets from existing asset details.
  • Depreciation methods include diminishing, straight line or prime cost.
  • Flexibility in frequency of depreciation calculation, options include, daily, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly.
  • Ability to revalue or write-off assets.
  • Assets can be partially or totally transferred.
  • Purchase of new assets can either be entered via Purchase Orders, Creditors or directly entered via the Fixed Assets module.
  • A private usage percentage can be entered for each asset.
  • Depreciation expense can be posted to Job Costing, for equipment used in Job Costing.
  • Provides the ability for multiple general ledger posting accounts based on asset type and location.
  • The processing of depreciation can be selected by asset code, asset type or asset location.
Fixed asset reports include:-
  • Fixed Assets details.
  • Fixed Assets ledger.
  • Transaction list.
  • Depreciation schedule.
  • Movement report.
  • Deferred tax list.
  • Private usage report.
  • Maintenance due report.
  • Insurance report.
  • Exception report.
  • Stocktake report.
  • Fixed asset labels.
Fixed assets file definitions:-
  • Asset code 10 characters
  • Asset description 2 lines of 30 characters
  • Asset type 2 characters
  • Asset location 2 characters
  • Serial number 20 characters
How the fixed asset module helps you:-
  • Provides the ability to easily calculate depreciation on assets.
  • Maintains accurate and timely balances on assets including book and tax values,
  • Provides complete history on movement of assets including, reevaluations, disposals and asset transfers.
  • Seamless integration between modules, no double entry of transactions when purchasing assets, details integrate via Purchase Orders or Creditors.