Extended GL

The Arrow Entended General Ledger Option provides the ability to custom define and segment your chart of accounts. This is a benefit for those companies who require "multi-level" dissection of transactions within the general ledger.

  • The General Ledger structure structure is flexible, providing the ability to define your chart of accounts with up to 4 segments with a maximum of 10 characters, either in Alpha or Numeric format or a combination of both.
  • The Extended General Ledger structure could include one of the following designs: Branch, Department, Account, Sub-Account State, Department, Account, Sub-Account Entity, Division, Account, Sub-Account.
  • The flexibility in the General Ledger report writer allows you to design your own custom financial reports, providing the ability to consolidate or explode each account segment details.
  • To ensure all journal details are captured, within the Extended General Ledger the facility also exists to enter unlimited detailed narrations for each journal.
The Extended General Ledger allows you to optionally create multiple contro accounts in the General Ledger for debtors and creditors, based on your customer or supplier groups.

In addition to these specific functions, other general features and details are in the general ledger module sheet.