Arrow shop

Your customers can transact what they want, when they want, with access to your ordering facility and product/service information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The integrity of data between your business and customers is assured so each transaction can be made with the utmost confidence. No third party front-end is required… Arrowshop is intelligently linked back to your Arrow Financials software.

ArrowShop features:-
  • Account Customer Log-in
    Parameters may be set for defined account access.
  • Online User Registration
    New customers are invited to register, quickly and without fuss. They may then enter an order immediately.
  • Stock Catalogue Facility
    All your products can be effectively displayed in ArrowShop's catalogue. Along with product details, graphics of products may be incorporated to create a virtual 'storefront' from which your customers may browse. Extensive searching facilities are available within the catalogue, allowing customers to easily find a specific product. Search facilities include: Stock code, Stock Name, Stock Category, and a text search on stock name.
  • On-Line Order Entry
    Customers are able to place numerous items in their online 'shopping cart'. These items may be viewed and amended by the customer at any time. When purchasing, freight costs are automatically calculated, including minimum charges and any additional freight surcharges. Individual customer accounts may have their online order entry access limited, based on payments terms and/or credit limit. A notification or 'warning' is sent to the customer if the nominated credit limit is exceeded.
  • Credit Card Payment
    An online credit card payment system ensures swift, secure transactions. After 'check-out' and the completion of the transaction, online updating of the customer's account balance is instantly made to Arrow Financials' Debtors module. Any outstanding accounts may also be paid online.
  • Customer Account Inquiry
    Customers are able to view their account balances and keep track of their transaction details. They may drill down to invoice line details or explore item graphics, and add items from their order inquiry to their shopping cart.
  • Order Status Inquiry
    The progress of individual orders may be tracked via the Order Status Inquiry. Customers may also view a complete personal purchase history using this function.
Tenerys Nurseries:-
Without regular nurturing plants wither and die. Yet with the right kind of attention, they bloom and prosper. Exactly the same thing applies to customers, according to Tenerys Nurseries, an Australian horticultural plant wholesaler. Starting operations 45 years ago, Tenerys has remained small, with a staff of six. However, despite its size, Tenerys is able to service customers Australia-wide thanks to Arrow's Internet-based supply and sales system, ArrowShop. Tenerys has incorporated technology into the core of its operations and their business has never looked healthier. As an e-business sales and marketing application, ArrowShop has enabled Tenerys to reap the benefits of doing business online.

The "smarts" of ArrowShop:-
Through using ArrowShop to market and sell their products online, Tenerys is able to:
  • Display a large variety of plants from remote growers online;
  • Tailor online stock displays and quotes to individual buyers;
  • Process sales orders with a direct link into the company's accounting system;
  • Offer online credit card payment for products;
  • Instantly update inventory;
  • Make buying quick and easy for its customers.
Business Benefits:-
The benefits of putting a business online can been seen in every area of Tenerys operations. With ArrowShop, Tenerys has: Increased its customer base by marketing and selling to a broader audience;
  • Built closer relationships with customers and suppliers Australia-wide;
  • Substantially reduced costs in display stock;
  • Decreased travel and vehicle expense from sales calls;
  • Cut billing and invoicing expenses.