The Debtors module has been designed to provide the operator with numerous time saving features, together with the ease of use which is a feature found throughout the ARROW accounting system.

Debtors Module Features Include:-
  • Credit Profile
  • Each customer may be set up as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly debtor. The system will accept any combination of these debtor types.
  • Runs under both Two-User and Multi-User operating systems.
  • Setup text invoices and standard invoices for regular processing by debtor groups.
  • Process automatic invoicing and select on debtor groups.
  • Exception reporting for management reports.
  • Consolidate debtors into parent account for statements.
  • Default screens are allowed to be setup by the operator.
  • System allows invoice discounts.
  • Settlement discounts are automatically calculated if applicable.
  • Screen inquiry of Debtor accounts, by transactions, type, eg. invoices, orders etc.
  • System allows operator to view Current, Old, Future or All transactions.
  • Invoice text facility by line or block.
  • System allows for Open item or Balance forward debtors.
  • Invoices may be posted to future periods.
  • Dollar or Time credit limit can be applied, to individual debtors.
  • Ability to create new Debtor at time of entering invoice.
  • The System will warn you when a debtor has exceeded their credit limit and display the dollar amount/age period they have exceeded it by.
  • Ability to view historical purchase details that is view previous sell prices for this debtor and stock code combination at the time of invoice entry.
  • Ability to calculate and generate invoices for interest charges on overdue accounts.
Debtors Reports Include:-
  • Summary trial balance by Debtor type.
  • Detailed trial balance by Debtor type.
  • Statements by Debtor type.
  • Debtor account ledger.
  • Transaction/Tax listing, current and day book.
  • Sales analysis by Debtor, summary and detailed.
  • Sales by sales codes, summary and detailed.
  • Exception reporting.
  • Name and address listing and labels.
  • Sales Commission Report.
  • Unpaid Invoice Report.
How The Debtors Module Helps:-
  • Provides immediate generation of invoices, thereby ensuring as early as possible debt collection.
  • Allows you to keep effective credit control, by warning if a customer is over their credit terms/limit.
  • Provides summary and detailed trial balances, so you can monitor the amount of your customers debt.
  • Quick and efficient on-screen inquiry, allowing you to provide excellent customer service.
  • Helps plan future direction by analysing sales by customer type and sales code.
  • Allows you to generate standard invoicing for groups of customers, thereby reducing the amount of time required to produce them.
  • Allows you to enter and view current and future period invoices.
  • Calculates sales commissions.