Cash book

The Arrow accounting modules have been designed to ensure ease of use, but with powerful features and functionality. The Cashbook in particular has designed into it strong Cash Management features which are not only desirable, but essential in today's business environment. The Cashbook has been designed to minimize the data entry requirements, therefore all receipts and payments will automatically update the appropriate Debtor and Creditor accounts. Due to the design of the Cashbook, Bank reconciliations are virtually automatic.

Cashbook features include:-
  • Able to run stand alone or integrated to other modules.
  • Runs under both Single and Multi-user operating systems.
  • Multiple bank accounts.
  • Efficient bank reconciliations with minimum data entry.
  • Production of bank deposit slips.
  • Automatic posting of receipts and payments.
  • Automatic transactions can be set up for periodical receipts and payments.
  • Entry of miscellaneous debits and credits from bank statements.
  • Easy to use Income and Expense codes are available, for flexible data entry and reporting.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Ability to permanently store bank, branch and drawer details against a debtor, at time of receipt entry.
  • Easily handles dishonored debtor cheques and cancelled cheques.
Cashbook reports include:-
  • Bank account listing.
  • Bank account ledger.
  • Income transaction report.
  • Expense transaction report.
  • Automatic transactions report.
  • Cashflow report.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Bank deposit listing.
  • Computerised cheque printing.
  • Cheque register.
  • Printing receipts.
Cashbook definitions:-
  • Bank account code 6 characters
  • Bank name 30 characters
  • Bank number 30 characters
  • Overdraft limit 10 digits
How the cashbook module helps:-
  • Keeps a running balance of your cash position, so you are fully informed and in control.
  • Easy understanding of your bank statement, the system provides quick and easy bank reconciliations showing clearly the company cashbook balance, the bank statement balance and the reconciling unpresented receipts, payments and charges.
  • The system provides immediate and accurate debtor and creditor trading balances, by automatically updating receipts and payments.
  • Cashflow analysis, showing receipts and payments breakdown.
  • Automatic periodical payments help to ensure that an accurate cash balance is maintained to ensure proper management of the company.
  • Automatic bank deposit listing, for accurate cash depositing to the bank.
  • Automatic cheque generation to ensure accurate balances are printed onto the cheques.